Vanessa Li Update

We got the news this morning. Vanessa Li took her own life. Her brother posted a notice on Vanessa’s Facebook memorial page.

The family found a note addressed to them on her email account a few days after her death. The pain from M.E. had become too much and, with no cure, she could no longer go on.

Vanessa wanted us to know a few things, stated in her brother’s notice:

Here are a few messages that Vanessa wished to share with you all.

For Vanessa, the pain from ME was impossible to describe. She could not go on anymore, not like this without any cure. It was too painful. She felt that ending her life was simply a practical solution.

She wanted the world to know that she ended her own life and she wanted her death to serve something. She wanted to spread awareness of the truth about ME, and the lack of research into the illness as a result of neglect from medical authorities worldwide.

She wanted her body to be donated for the purpose of researching ME. We have already arranged for this to happen.

Lastly, she wished to say sorry to all her friends, to whom her passing comes as a shock.

Vanessa said ending her life was simply a practical solution. Those words gut me and I am not alone. To those of us she touched, even in the smallest of ways, losing Vanessa was anything but a practical solution.

Suicides are too common in the M.E. community; each one a stunningly tragic loss. We are becoming too accustomed to this kind of unique heartbreak. Every M.E. patient lives with the knowledge that decades of neglect by our world governments lead to these kind of deaths, making the grief cut that much deeper. This unjustice has to stop, now, for Vanessa and for the others who find the same practical solution to the pain of M.E.


There will be an online vigil for Vanessa tomorrow (Wednesday) at 1:00 pm EST on her memorial page, linked above.

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