ME: Lulu's Legacy

Bio: In June, 1988, I awoke one morning with a severe headache at the base of my skull. That headache signaled the beginning of my fight with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME). ME does not define the person I am but it certainly dictates the life I lead. I started this blog as a means to ease the journey of others inflicted with ME by sharing my experience and to raise awareness of the plight of people who fight daily this life-altering disease.....I named this blog in honor of my late Great Grandmother Lulu. In the mid-1950's, Lulu became ill with a mystery disease and spent the remainder of her life in bed. Her doctors never could identify her malady so she was labeled with a diagnosis of hysteria. From then on, Lulu's accomplishments in life were ignored and she became known as the woman who took to her bed with the flu one day and never got up. After I fell ill with ME, I realized the full extent of Lulu's physical and emotional pain. I have every reason to believe her doctors, family and friends were wrong. Lulu did not have hysteria; she had ME.

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